T&E - Analítica



VETERINARY: Analytical assays are similar to the assays used for human drugs. The conduction of the tests is according to ANVISA norms and when specified by CIPAC.


Tests on animals: T&E uses partnerships with renowned centers, to obtain the biological fluid, to be analyzed, either by GC / MS; ICP-OES; LCMSMS and other pertinent technique in order to obtain the pharmacokinetics. Today, INMETRO is evaluating the increase in scope for this specific habilitation of the T&E Analytical Center.


The T&E Analytical Center uses the standards of RENAMA (National Network of Alternative Methods to the use of animals)


In the veterinary area, the Center participates in researches on large volume formulations in search of solutions for various situations, such as: undue precipitation, crystalline formations, dark spots, viscosity change among others.

The products are usually therapy products such as antibiotics, deworms, vaccines, among others.



COSMETICS: Tests authorized by INMETRO - ISO IEC 17025


The production of cosmetics involves situations that need to be analyzed for guidance or solution. Several analytical techniques can be used to seek answers to the active, excipients or formulated in their effectiveness. Usually customer complaints lead to complex searches that the T & E Center can guide or solve.

Matrices for solid cosmetics, liquids, sprays, semi-solids (creams, ointments, ointments, etc.), bi-purpose preparations, gels, among others make complexity.


TESTS: Among the tests that the T&E Analytical Center offers are;


·         Photo stability;

·         Skin Permeation

·         Analysis of sunscreens,

·         Rheological Profiles,

·         Analytical study on solar photo protector,

·         Enamel: Formic acid, formaldehyde, furfural, nitro compounds,

·         Shampoos, soaps, etc.

·         Among other formulations.





The most used analytical techniques for Clean Validation are in function of the molecule and the analytical resources employed, among the techniques most used are:


·         Gas-phase Chromatography (GC-FID-ECD-TCD-MS-Head Space);

·         Liquid phase chromatography (UPLC or HPLC-UV / Vis; Fluorescence; ELSD);

·         LC-MS / MS: Mass Spectrometry coupled to HPLC or UPLC; 

·         ICP-OES (Induced-Simultaneous and Sequential Plasma);

·         AA - (Atomic Absorption) and FC (photometry of flame).

·         Determination of peak purity using DAD.


Other solutions may occur during the technical exchange and thus solve the problem of your company




Physical tests are evaluated internally, with the possibility of outsourcing them.