T&E - Analítica




   Internal investigations of companies seeking process improvement. The T&E Center participates in adding expertise in analytical directions, bibliographic research, sampling system.

Supplementary data surveys, elaborating models of glassware for pilot scale. Finally, it works to add expertise.



As consultants:


·         Evaluation of the productive organization

·         Human Resource Assessment

·         Insertion of new projects guaranteeing in the game a greater chance of success.

·         Evaluation of projects already carried out and to be submitted to feasibility.

·         Quality Structure Assembly


The Search Under contract:


It involves several sectors of the T&E Center for this service, which seeks to reduce analytical cost or consulting for the company.


As a highlight of the support provided under Contract Research, it is mainly during the development phase of a new product in which several analyzes or guidelines are required in a reduced response time.



    The contracting Company may, together with the T & E Center, prepare a short, medium or long term project. In this way the T&E Center absorbing or creating means to absorb in analytical species or in volume. With this, there will be reductions in the deadlines, costs and agility of the company in its processes.

Such contracts can be applied in different areas:


·         Product Release - Analytical Control

·         Development of new formulations

·         Launching of new products

·       Development to complement the Quality Assurance Framework

·       Changes of place of manufacture


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